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Welcome to Wise Owls

Children aged from 30 months to 60 months

In Wise Owls, we aim to ensure your child is fully prepared to make the transition into the Reception year 'big school'. We endeavor to promote exploration and discovery by making learning fun!

Each day is carefully planned and steered towards the Early Learning goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Activities are planned with children's input and ideas, following interest and the next stages of development. Activities are exciting and enjoyable, feeding the children’s imagination and helping to develop their awareness of the world.

As part of our language teaching we introduce children to letters and sounds. It is a fun way for children to learn and understand letter shapes and sounds and formation. This is a well-established, successful system, which teaches children to read and write and meets the required curriculum guidelines. While the emphasis is now on promoting learning, the atmosphere is relaxed and the children.

We encourage parental involvement in all our pre-school work and hope that parents will join in the fun and learning at home taking progress at their own pace. Most sessions are carried out at circle times.

Our room has been carefully planned so that children are able to explore every area of our curriculum independently. Each day children are encouraged to develop new skills within our home corner, wet area, ICT area, construction area, small world, drawing and writing area, reading corner and music centre.

All teaching is informal and our learning is done through fun-filled activities and play. Building a child’s confidence, self respect and respect for others plays a huge part in the aims of our nursery. The children are taught to express their feelings and natural curiosity about the world and everything in it. We are sure your children will enjoy Wise Owls, and more importantly the whole Nursery experience.


We encourage children to grow in confidence by building on previous experiences and achievements by responding to individual needs